Hiking Homeward

Following the journey of one taking the narrow road home.


Hiking Homeward will serve as an outlet for a sojourner who loves the adventures of life, but knows this is not all there is. I trust in the promises of God, of a faithful and merciful and sovereign King whose promises will be fulfilled in another land, a new earth, with a new Eden. Like Abraham, a patriarch of the faith, I do not look for full satisfaction here, I know it will come when I no longer live in a world full of pain, injustice, selfishness, disease, etc. I know that I am made for a land of perfect beauty, truth, peace, and love. I still have not found what I’m looking for, because it cannot be found here. But the promise of it has been announced, and the fulfillment of it is sure, by the power of the resurrection. Historically speaking, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a solid fact, well attested to by the same criteria used by historians for all historical events. The early eyewitness accounts that were never rejected in their era, the verbal testimony written down by Paul within 25 years of the event, and the attestation from those who did not want Jesus to be God, those who would be hurt if He was not in the tomb rotting, all serve to confirm this historical event. And this event of the resurrection shows God’s approval of every promise Jesus ever made.

This weary traveler takes great delight in Jesus’ call to come to Him though I am weary and heavy laden, He promises rest and I will hike forward with that in mind. It is the same call that God foreshadowed through the prophet Jeremiah, to stand in the way and seek the ancient paths where the good life is, and there would one find rest. Ahhh. So I stand on the road each morning, thankful for each moment knowing it is a gift. I have learned that when I use the gifts and passions and abilities that the LORD has given me, then life is fuller, richer, and I feel more alive. When I neglect those things and follow the laziness our culture tells me I deserve, my heart aches, and life seeps out of me. I have found that a great many of the “spiritual discipline” of our faith serve to rejuvenate, to refresh, to open our eyes once again to the greatness of God’s grace. In addition, any activity that allows me to use my gifts and passions and abilities also serves to refresh my spirit and renew me. I am starting this blog with that in mind: I know that putting my thoughts into words, actually contemplating rather than being such a busy American materialist, will enlarge my heart (Psalm 119:32).

Everyman is meant to be a theologian, though some may seek that as a profession, anyone who knows God must be about this business. The WORD is meant to be the subject of discourse, we are to learn it, muse on it, share it, soak it in and let it dwell in our hearts richly: this is theology, and the life to which all believers are called, the narrow road we walk until He brings us home. This is eternal life, to know Him, the One true God, and Jesus Christ whom He has sent. (John 17:3) From years of dialogue and discipleship I know that many Christians are intimidated by the Word, and they leave it to their pastor to preach it, and they try to survive by reading one verse or two sometime during the week. “Our Daily Bread Crumb” will not suffice! I want a feast, not a crumb. I want a fountain, not a sippy cup. Hence my own words will be thrown into the world-wide-web as an encouragement to my soul, and to any possible readers to love the LORD with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. Please visit my “hiker’s log” where I’ll be posting my weekly contemplations.

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